God is not impersonal or distant, but a loving Father and Daddy. We are deeply loved by Him. He actually enjoys us. Like a young child with their father, we love walking in our Father’s shadow and footsteps. Our Father wants us to know Him more personally and love Him more deeply. We encourage Hope members to personally know and grow in their love relationship with our Father through His Word. As we walk with God each day, we ask ourselves, “What is my Father telling me?” and “How am I going to respond to Him?” We gather together on Sundays for the HOPE RALLY to renew our focus on our mission of relentlessly loving God and people all because of His relentless love for us.


We are not designed to live for God by ourselves. Our Father has adopted us into His family with many other sons and daughters. We love deeply, live generously, and make our Father's mission our Hope family's main ambition! Since our Father warmly welcomes us into His family, we provide a clear path for people to connect with our Hope family. Some of us like having regular scheduled mid-week GATHERINGS, while others thrive in the natural rhythm of a life on life approach. At Hope, we encourage members to connect with each other in whatever settings help them grow together.


In order to love our neighbors and strangers, we have to become like them. Jesus became like us, to reach us. He did not only serve us, but lived among us - incarnational living. He reached to the margins of society and befriended those whom others had disregarded. Because of His example to us, we show Jesus to our friends and neighbors by living alongside of them in good times and bad – incarnational living. We aim to love everyone we encounter - the diverse, the different, and the despondent since this was all of us at one time. We love to reach wide outside to those who are normally neglected by the church and those who feel rejected by society. Beyond our neighborhood, we are passionate about resourcing and sending people to plant churches locally and globally among unreached people.

We launched a non-profit called HOPE TECH as a means to mentor local youth and provide them with marketable job skills.