staff AT HOPE



    I serve as the Worship Director at Hope. I have been married to my beautiful wife Chelsee for nearly 10 years and we have three incredible children - Blake, Lillian, and Major.

    • Favorite Food: A Good Steak
    • Hobbies - Spending time with my family and friends is one of my favorite things to do. I also enjoy singing and recording in the studio.
    • Why Ministry? - The overwhelming amount of joy experienced when the Lord uses me as a vessel to impact other people's lives in a positive way.

  • chris martin - elder

    I serve as an elder at Hope, a Family Gathering leader and often preach at the Hope Sunday Rally. I have been married to my smart and smokin' hot wife Kristen for 8 years and we have three children - Trey, Emery, and Ezra.

    • Favorite Food - Steak and potatoes
    • Hobbies - Basketball, sports, reading and writing
    • Why Ministry? - One of my favorite sayings is "learn to light a candle before you scream at the darkness". I truly believe that through Jesus Christ and the power of the Gospel people can be changed. This must be proclaimed and lived out. I believe God chose this weak sinful man to do so. That's how I light that candle.

  • josh howard - elder

    I serve as an elder at Hope Church and serve as the Director of HOPE TECH. My beautiful, thoughtful, and creative wife Brittany and I have been married for over 11 years.

    • Favorite Food - I have more than one favorite food. Steak, fries, real sugar soda and pizza would be my preference.
    • Hobbies - Frisbee, mountain biking, soccer, snowboarding, adventures with my wife and being with friends and family.
    • Why Ministry? - Because He first loved me! It is an absolute joy and honor that God would allow me to participate in His work.


    I serve as the pastor of Hope and oversee Men's Discipleship. I have a pretty fantastic wife named Sarah and three great kids - Seth, Silas, and Blythe.

    • Favorite Food - Anything without cheese.
    • Hobbies - Date nights with my wife and park days with my kids.
    • Why Ministry?- I love having a front row seat to watching God radically change people's lives.


    I serve as the Ministry Director at Hope and oversee the Women's Discipleship. I have an awesome husband of over 30 years and we have two children, Cris and Laney, both of whom are now in their late 20's.

    • Favorite Food - No favorites, except maybe, cake! 
    • Hobbies - I love to fly fish! And read. And hang out with my family.
    • Why Ministry? - Because of the shared joy it brings - to those I minister to and with, and to me! Nothing better.

  • patrick allen - Off Site elder

    I serve as an elder at Hope and help to encourage strong marriages. I have been married to my wife Judy for nearly 35 years and we have two adults sons - David and Stephen.

    • Favorite Food - Any kind of pizza (except one with those little fishies!)
    • Hobbies - Reading, golf, coaching and refereeing youth soccer (also exercise like; "jumping to conclusions", "beating around the bush", and "running myself ragged")
    • Why Ministry? - Over the years, I've come to realize how much God loves and delights in me ... so, I want to pass that on!