love local

Our Mission - Our mission is to understand, engage, and reach our local community with sincerity and love or Jesus Christ.

Our Vision - investing locally to plants the seeds of the gospel where God desires.

Here are some local spaces of significance that we are engaging regularly:

  • Parks (Jack Davis, 4th Avenue, McClatchy, and Lawrence)
  • Coffee Shops and Barber Shops
  • Open Mic Nights at local pubs and tap houses
  • American Legion High School (i.e. Hope Tech)
  • Farmer's Market at McClatchy Park (i.e. Bike Repair)
  • Neighborhood Associations (Community advocacy)
  • Summer Engagement (BBQs and Disc Golf Clinics)
  • 8-5 Engagement - training people to view their workplace as a mission field.
  • After 5 Engagement - encouraging people to build relationships in their neighborhood, local parks, sports teams, and frequented local businesses.