Sundays at hope

We have 3 options for youth on Sunday mornings at Hope Church.

  • Serve (Hope Littles or Elementary) - Once a month, youth will be given the opportunity to serve on Sundays. They will be paired with a Hope Kid's leader to assist with the morning. In addition to directing activities and managing the classroom, they will learn Scripture and the gospel message. We are excited to watch the youth deepen in their understanding and ability to explain the message of Jesus.
  • Sunday School - On Sundays when youth are not serving, they are encouraged to join the elementary class.  
  • Sunday Service - Youth are also welcome to stay in service. Most Sunday messages are youth friendly and I will be mindful.

youth gatherings

We have designed different types of opportunities for them to grow in their relationship with Jesus (#bewithgod), with each other (#liveasfamily), and with their yet-to-believe friends (#lovelikejesus).

We want the youth to experience Jesus and the exciting life that He intends to live with them.

Youth Group (Live as Family) - These gatherings will have food, fun, and a gospel-centered message. Youth will be encouraged to bring their friends who don't yet know Jesus.

Outreach Event (Love like Jesus) - Over the last several months, we have had several fun outreach outings including a pool party, River Cats Game, Sac Republic Game and Sky High several times. We hope to continue creating space for youth to have fun, invite their yet-to-believe friends, and develop deeper friendships with one another.

DNA Groups (Be with God) - We are offering a girls and guys DNA group for the Hope youth. The DNA groups are designed for youth to dig deeper into their relationship with Jesus. A DNA group has three elements

  • Discipleship - A disciple of Jesus is someone learning to apply the gospel to absolutely every part of life. Our desire is for our youth to learn the foundations of the faith (head), develop a love for Jesus (heart), and be compelled to live like Jesus (hands and feet). Discipleship is not just knowing about Jesus, but learning to love and follow Him. Specifically, this time will include teaching youth about the gospel, reminding them of their identity in Jesus, and showing them how to live out their faith. 
  • Nurture - We want to care for the youth and teach them to care for one another. Initially, this will include getting to know one another's stories. As relationships develop, students will learn to listen closely and ask good questions of one another (i.e. What good things is God doing in your life?Where do you feel fear or anxiety? What are you struggling with?). They will learn to emphatically direct each other into the truth and pray for one another. 
  • Accountability - Accountability is not just asking difficult questions, but practicing the one anothers. Youth will learn to encourage, speak the truth in love, and when necessary, gently rebuke and correct one another with God's Word.